Your last installment of how to Increase Your Revenues Without Spending a Dime on Marketing!

Increase Your Revenues Without Spending on Marketing!-Part 6

Over the last 5 weeks, we have enjoyed sharing 10 key steps to creating superb customer service. Always remember and never forget that how you treat your customers at every step determines your ability to make sales, grow revenues, and increase profitability.

Many ignore the importance of their customer service process, placing it on autopilot to focus on other things. It is much costlier and harder to get a new customer than to keep and get referrals from current customers. If you are looking for increased sales and better profits, pay attention to and implement these steps into your business.

Here are the last two steps of our 12 step extraordinary client experience recommendations.

Address all issues as opportunities

Remember, a complaining customer is giving you a chance to keep them as a customer. They could just choose to quietly never return to your business. When they raise an issue, they are giving you the opportunity to not only correct that specific problem, but they can cause you to look at the big picture, and make lasting, significant improvements in your business. When a customer complains, you are getting a rare look into their heart and mind. You are given the gift of seeing your business from their perspective.

Have you ever been a customer and been told something by the customer service representative that seemed really important to them, but from your perspective, was of little or no importance? The customer service representative spends several minutes telling you all the internal reasons why he cannot help you. You find yourself getting bored, frustrated, and promising yourself never to return.

Because we are internally focused when it comes to our businesses, we often create customer service experiences in a vacuum. We may think their experience is exemplary, but from their perspective, it is only mediocre. When a customer complains, pay attention! You have been given a gift, a chance to see your business through their eyes.

Reward for exemplary service

We all say we want our staff to go above and beyond to take care of our customers. Then, when they do, we often reprimand them for giving a discount, or taking too long with a customer. It is true we want our team members to be fiscally smart and productive, but we also want to celebrate their dedication to providing first-class service. First, we need to appreciate their attitude and dedication to our customers. Once again, these are qualities that are very difficult to teach and should be celebrated. Second, we must consider the true value of the time they spend with a customer. After receiving service beyond compare, that customer will come back again and again. In addition, they will tell others about their experience and refer other people to your business. Based on the average time that you keep a customer, and the average amount that each customer spends, ask yourself, “what is the true, long-term value of that customer?” In most cases, we realize that the extra time or effort we spend to create a unique customer experience is well worth it.

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. Their experience with us largely determines our success or failure. Business owners regularly spend a tremendous amount of time and money acquiring new customers. With an impactful customer service experience, we can create long-term customers and amass many more new customers through referrals. As a result, superb customer service has the added benefit of reduced costs and improved profitability.

Dulcee Loehn

Certified Business Coach

FocalPoint Business Performance

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