Your Corporate Brand -Unlock Your Selling Potential!

Your Corporate Brand -Unlock Your Selling Potential!

We all want to differentiate ourselves from our competition and make selling our product or service easier. Our corporate brand is critical to creating success in our business. A powerful and compelling brand can exponentially increase the effectiveness of our marketing plan and can reduce our overall marketing costs.

Corporate Branding - Here are some considerations to take from Brian Tracy, taken from the FocalPoint Coaching session material.

Universality of Branding

You do not have to be in an industry offering specialized products such as

auto- mobiles or international shipping to capitalize on the brawn of

branding. A brand can be built in any kind of product.

Consider Évian. The company has built such a powerful brand that millions of

customers willingly pay close to $2.00 for one litre of their product — water,

with nothing added. This price is twenty percent more than the cost of beer,

forty percent more than milk and eighty percent more than Coca-Cola. There

is nothing special about this product; it’s water, the simple basic commodity,

filtered. Yet consumers pay almost twice as much for this water as they do for

milk! This is a graphic example of the power and universality of branding.

Create and Build Your Brand

When you consider the power of marketing, it is not a question of whether

you can afford to brand your business; rather, can you afford not to? Of

course, it is probably not a good idea — or even a possibility — to go borrow

millions of dollars and try to compete with the likes of BMW and Federal

Express. But, you do need to create a brand that fits your product. Once that

is set, every bit of your marketing material needs to contain this brand. So

once again, it’s not a question of can you afford to brand; it’s how much can

you afford to spend, and how can you expose your brand inexpensively?

Ultimately, your brand comes down to this: What image do you want to

create in order to propel your product to the front of the line in the eyes of a

potential buyer?

Is your product design congruent with this image? BMW automobiles

are classy and elegant—just as you would expect with “the ultimate

driving machine.”

What about your pricing model? When you hear “Mercedes Benz” you

think top-quality engineering and automatically assume a top-of-theline

price tag.

Does your packaging suggest the image you want to create for your

brand? Think of a box containing a low-cost piece of costume jewelry in

contrast to a specially designed, beautifully decorated case holding an

eighteen carat gold bracelet. Your packaging must be consistent with

the product found within.

Do your sales and customer support people project an image consistent

with your brand? Consider their style of dress, their communication

skills, their attitudes, their sense of humor and so on. Will a potential

buyer be attracted to them; feel comfortable with them?

How about your advertising programs? What expectations do they

create in the mind of a person seeing or hearing the ad? Do these

expectations match the image you want to create in your brand? Can

you meet these expectations? Are you committed to meeting them?

Do the location and decor of the place you conduct business match your

desired brand image? Mercedes Benz showrooms are more elegant than

those displaying Chevrolets. They may also be in a higher rent area of

the community. Both brands sell well to their target customers.

Revisit your marketing plan. Is its central focus to present a compelling

reason to buy your product rather than any of the wide array of

alternative products in your field? It should be. Building a unique,

powerful brand will differentiate your product from those of your

competition and give you a huge competitive advantage.

Dulcee Loehn

Certified Business Coach

FocalPoint Business Performance

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