Is Your Leadership Style the Right Fit for Your Team?

Sometimes it’s hard to be the leader of the pack, especially as a business owner or manager. There are many ways that people lead, but it doesn’t mean that their style is effective. You have to discover which style of leadership works best in your situation. Each style affects people differently. By taking each into perspective and honing in on the one that suits your team’s needs, you can run your business more successfully. In most cases, a combination of styles to meet the needs of individuals on the team is the most effective approach. Research shows that the best leaders are those that can be flexible with the styles they use.

The Hands Off Leader (Laissez-Faire) - This type of leader lets his or her team members make decisions on their own with little to no interaction. Oftentimes, newer employees struggle with this type of leader because they need a little more direction. More experienced employees tend to excel with this leader because they are given the creative freedom to accomplish some of their greatest feats. The hands off leader is best suited for a well-rounded and experienced team of professionals.

Democratic Leader - The democratic leader likes to involve his or her team in decision making. This usually works out great when you have a small team, but can seem overwhelming when you have multiple employees with a lot of ideas. This type of leader works best by listening to his or her employees while making a conscious determination to sift through their ideas and choose the most appropriate ones.

Autocratic Leader - These leaders make decisions without asking for employees participation. If you have a rather large team, it can be unproductive to sit down with everyone to produce new ideas. This type of leader is most effective in large corporations or companies where he or she can effectively make decisions without needing others input.

Transformational Leader - Transformational leaders seem to be among the favorite types of leaders. They seek input from all of their employees and are regular communicators. With these leaders, employee confidence increases because they are making contributions. Employees are also more likely to meet challenges and excel because they feel like their opinions matter.

Transactional Leader - This leader is all about performance and offers rewards or punishment to employees based on their performance. The transactional leader may be well-suited for newer employees who prefer a road map laid out for them. Older employees may become frustrated working with this leader, even feeling micromanaged at times.

As a business owner, is it important to thoroughly understand your leadership personality. You can often become comfortable with one style that fits your needs. However, it may be time for a change. Take a look at your team’s needs and desires and adjust accordingly. This is a surefire way to find success.


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