Increase Your Revenues Without Spending on Marketing!-Part 2

Last week we talked about how your "why" and your Mission can create a great customer service experience. I know the term "customer service" is overused, but, a tremendous amount of revenue can be generated if you provide a superb customer experience, without spending one extra dime on marketing!

This week, here are the next two key elements to keep your customers coming back.

Choose values and character

When hiring, skills and experience are important, however, not as important as the beliefs and characteristics that drive that person’s behavior. Technical skills and knowledge can be taught. However, the beliefs, values, and characteristics that guide how a person treats others are anchored within that individual and very often cannot be altered. Take your time when hiring, interview thoroughly, and ask questions that will cause the candidate to articulate thoughts and experiences about the characteristics you seek. Hire a person for their values and character and teach them the rest.

Follow the Golden Rule

We all know the Golden Rule, but very few people or businesses follow it. I hear story after story about very disappointing customer service experiences. Think about your customer service process. Consider the experience that your customers undergo. Then, put yourself in their shoes at each step in the process. Is this the experience you would want for yourself? Ask yourself, “What do I need to see, touch, and feel to return as a customer over and over again?” Following the Golden Rule is a simple thing that can set you apart from your competition and transform your business.

Dulcee Loehn

Certified Business Coach

FocalPoint Business Performance

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