Increase Your Revenues Without Spending a Dime on Marketing!-Part 5

Last week we introduced two very important elements in creating an unforgettable customer experience; conducting customer surveys and creating an emotional experience.

Today, we introduce the next two key ideas to help you increase revenues and reduce costs.

Do the work

Your customers are critical to your success and the longevity of your business. One common mistake is to focus on the internal elements of the business and forget about the external customers and their needs. We put our customer service process on autopilot and hope for the best. I have already asked you to spend some time putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Be honest with yourself, and determine exactly what you would want your experience to be like as your customer. After this analysis, it is not surprising to find that as a customer, you are picky too! You may realize that it will take some work to deliver the experience you would expect. Remember, you did this analysis for a reason. Consider the old adage, “if it were easy, everybody would do it.”

Shepherd your customers

For some businesses, the customer service experience can be short. For others, the process can be long and require many steps and handoffs. It is important to make sure that someone is accompanying your customers through every step of the process, until the last service is performed. Make sure your process describes the details and requirements of each handoff and that they are performed consistently and flawlessly. There is no greater frustration that to execute almost all of the experience perfectly, and lose the customer because of one minor misstep or missed commitment.

Dulcee Loehn

Certified Business Coach

FocalPoint Business Performance

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