Increase Your Revenues Without Spending a Dime on Marketing!-Part 1

All businesses need to create a strong customer service philosophy that permeates all members of the team. Unfortunately, business owners often focus on all other aspects of the business, putting customer service on autopilot. They believe that if they provide the product or service at a fair price, it will be enough to keep the clients coming back. However, today’s consumer is very savvy and has high expectations. It takes more than a smile and a sales receipt. Our customer service process must touch our customers on an emotional level. Every customer wants to feel special. This requires a deeper, more sophisticated delivery. But it is not difficult or expensive to create this type of experience. In order to knock the socks off of your clients, over the next 6 weeks, we will be providing 12 steps to follow for impeccable customer service.

Know the reason “why”

We all have a purpose for doing what we choose to do. Providing your product or service satisfies something in you, a deeper more emotional outcome. How do you feel when you create a very satisfied customer? Why do you feel that way? Take some time to discover your reason why and write it down. Post it where you will see it everyday. It is easy during the day to day hustle and bustle to forget the beliefs and emotions that make us enthusiastic about our work. Without this guidepost, we lose focus on the conduit that enables us to live our why; our customers.

Have a Mission

As Brian Tracy tells us, leaders are intensely future oriented. They have a vision of what their business looks like three to five years down the road. He describes your mission as what you and your team must do every day in order to achieve the vision. Having a strong, specific Mission Statement clarifies for everyone how we must treat each customer, every hour of every day.

Stay tuned next week for the next two key elements to creating an extraordinary customer experience.

Dulcee Loehn

Certified Business Coach

FocalPoint Business Performance

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