Employee Culture: How to Keep Your Employees Enthusiastic to Increase Productivity

It’s no secret that employees “check out” from their everyday work when they are not engaged. Employees can often become bored performing the same tasks day in and day out. As a manager or business owner, you should try to keep your workers engaged and passionate about their work. When your employees are excited about what they are doing, they tend to be more productive, which improves the bottom line for your company. When coaching business owners, I often find that they do not realize how much of an impact employee engagement can have on their business. Here are a few tips Forbes Magazine recommends to motivate your employees so they continue to produce great work for years to come.

Modify the way you relate to your employees - By inspiring your employees and allowing them to approach you as a co-worker rather than a boss, they will start to view their relationship with you in a new and exciting way. Let them take ownership of projects, set up a profit-sharing program or change their work title to something more powerful, making them feel more like a business partner and less like an employee.

Give your employees stimulating tasks - We engage in something the most when we are excited about it. When you delegate tasks to your employees that they can relate to, they will demonstrate a higher level of engagement for longer periods of time. While not every task can be the most exciting, it is important to keep a balance between meaningful tasks and regular ones.

Offer training and advancement opportunities - Employees can often become stagnant and feel bored when they don’t continue learning. Their day-to-day jobs turn stale and their creativity can run dry. It is important to always offer continued professional development so they learn new skills, stay stimulated and help your company grow long term. Encouraging conference and seminar attendance will also help them excel and become motivated all over again.

Offer incentives for quality work - No one likes to be punished or feel like they have done a terrible job. Instead of focusing on the negative, reward your employees when they excel. Create a calendar for them to document professional achievements and acknowledge them for victories. When they are rewarded, employees tend to soar to new heights with creativity and imagination in the workplace.

Add to their job description - As your employees master skills and become comfortable with them, add a mix of new challenges. There is a great quote that states, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” By teaching your employees new skills and tactics that allow them to think outside of their normal scope, they won’t become disengaged and bored. They will also improve overall, which in the end, will allow your business to advance.

It can sometimes feel daunting to make a change in your workplace, but there are many rewards for you as a business owner when your employees are happy. Research shows that whenever we have turnover of an employee, it costs the company 3-6 times that employee's annual salary. Putting practices in place, will ensure your workers stick around for a long time. An experienced, dedicated team is the cornerstone of any successful business.


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