It is not uncommon to hear negative comments about how our government can't seem to agree on anything. It is frustrating to have a government so divided because it is the American people that ultimately suffer for their lack of responsibility.

When did "compromise" become a dirty word? When did "compromise" become synonymous with "failure"?

I work with entrepreneurs every day. They all agree that a business cannot run without a team that works well together. A team that can communicate, organize and execute is essential to the success of any organization. When they disagree, it is critical that they recognize their shared goal and then hash out a solution together to achieve it. The solutions almost always require compromise.

When we compromise, cooperate, and create solutions, we serve the most people. Business owners survey their customers and create solutions that will benefit the majority. We are never going to please all the people all the time, but we can find ways to satisfy most of them.

Relationships require compromise. Businesses require compromise. Sales negotiations require compromise. We are all compromising and cooperating every day. Nothing gets accomplished if we don't. Since our political representatives serve us, and we are doing this every day, shouldn't they be obligated to do it? They believe they are serving us by digging their heels in and refusing to find creative solutions. As a result, they serve no one. They then pat themselves on the back for "sticking to their principles", when really all they're doing is halting our national progress. Our nation is still a great nation, but we have a lot of work to do. We are not making progress and it is largely because our elected officials are serving their egos instead of serving the people who put them in office.

When organizations commit to team building, it has a dramatic positive impact on their business. Why? Because when the team is able to work together and develop innovative solutions, they are able to serve their customers (constituents) at a very high level, providing services they need and value they desire.

Perhaps our elected officials could use some team building exercises. As said by Jesus, and repeated by Abraham Lincoln, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."


Dulcee Loehn

Certified Business Coach

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