Afraid to Fail? Embrace your Fears to Build a Better Business

Fear can be a powerful emotion. It can keep you from reaching your biggest business goals. As an entrepreneur handling all aspects of your business, it is natural to be fearful of failure. Stepping out of your comfort zone is exciting but can be scary at the same time. Business owners I coach often learn that confronting fears and dealing with them head on is the only real way to get over them and persevere.

Brian Tracy notes an antidote to fear and worry. First, write down the worst thing that could happen. Then, resolve to accept it if it happened. Begin thinking and writing down all the things you would do if it were to happen. Lastly, begin working immediately to keep the worst thing from happening. Write an action plan and begin now. When working through this process, most people find that they were exaggerating their fear. Taking these steps is a surefire way to destroy the barriers in your mind and keep you moving forward.

Fear or worry is an emotion caused by some form of sustained inaction. Stay focused on your goals. Create action plans and start each day with a prioritized list of activities that will move you toward your goals. The more you keep moving, the less fear you will have. Create and say affirmations that are in direct opposition to your fears. If you are afraid of declining revenues, say to yourself, "my revenues are increasing every day!"

Don’t put yourself into such a gridlock of fear that you cannot succeed as a business owner. If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is to tackle fear as soon as it enters your mind. You are capable of anything you set your mind to. Use your inner voice to inspire confidence. Don't ever let it thwart your progress.


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